Thursday, September 21, 2006

Okay, Back to Reality...Mostly

It is now time (past time really) to start on some major projects for the Christmas show coming up in November. I am finding it hard to get ideas. I will try and start by finishing up some old projects and doing some sketches. It is hard because working on the old stuff makes me a bit frustrated. I am not as excited about the old stuff and it always feels like a step in the wrong direction. I need to go through some of my idea books and notes too. I sat down last night to draw some ideas, but nothing came out. I need to order some new tools with my gift certificate. Maybe I will think of some new stuff while ordering. Some doming plates will be good. I will have to take an hour or two away from World of Warcraft time. I have not done that many sketches lately either and I know it would cheer me up to set some time aside for that. Some quality Studio time would not hurt either. I need to pick up the pace. I am off to Sac this weekend so that kind of kills the momentum, but hopefully I will get it back.
Back to work now, lunch is over.

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