Saturday, September 09, 2006

World of Warcraft Breakdown

Cyrruss is my first World of Warcraft Character (a warior) that I started at Le and Jon's place in August. We are a little cow unit in Tanaris. Jon is a cow named Ah and LE is a cow named Oh. They are both majic users. This got me soooo hooked I could barely wait to get back home and start an account.

Then there is the Ork, Rumpljillski. It was going to be Rumpljillskin (one of Donn's nicknames for me from a long time ago) but it was too long. She is established in Anvilmar where Donn was an Ork as well named Deermountain. We try to group up together to level up faster, but he is such a nubie that it has taken forever. He also does not usually play at the same time I do so it has been real slow with those two. It should work well because he is a warior and I am a hunter. Oh well...To pick up the slack I created a few more characters.

Meetoo was originally created so I could communicate with LE and Jon and their regular group of characters, the most of which are in Cenarius, but now he is at level 17! That is my highest level guy. Another warior and my only "good guy" because he is a Knight Elf. I paired up with a few people I bumped into there on Labor day weekend and we kicked some ass! Jon has a rogue in that area that is level 19 that helped me out a lot as well. So much fun! I will work on him some more tonight. I have some sirens to kill and some mushrooms to pick with that guy.

Last, but not least is my Troll Hunter Kittsky. She is level 12 right now and has a pet boar named the boarinator. I would rather a tiger, but he was the highest level beast in the area at the time. I would dismiss him, but after a couple battles together, I have grown a bit attached. I have revived him 2-3 times already. I can I dismiss an animal that has given his life for me a few times already? Sure he is old and splotchy and smelly, But at least he doesn't attract flies, like those nasty centars.

As you can see I am getting seriously obsessed. I find it so saticfying tho and it really makes a crapy day at work just disappear. I better get some jewelry work done now so I can justify another night of W.O.W..

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