Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pretty Morning View

 Such a pretty morning drive today.  I almost pulled over (probably should have) to take more pictures of the cows that were walking somewhere all in masses in neat little lines.
 There is some ranch that has all these pretty colored cows.  They are a beautiful honey color and some are cream.
 They were right by the fence, intently walking in a line in the other direction.  Would have made for some great new paintings. Darn!  If they are there tomorrow I will pull over.
 Finished sewing the cover for this travel journal I am making for a co-worker who is taking a trip through Europe with her daughter.
I like the way it turned out so far, except the fun fabric on the inside is upside down :(  I hope she likes it.  She might not "get it".  I just don't think anyone should go on a once in a lifetime trip without a journal of some sort.  My daughter helped a little, then my Mom pulled out a mini sewing machine for her and she happily played with it for like 45 min.  She was so tickled that we were both sewing at the same time.  Check out my Mom's Blog for some cute pictures of baby! I will have another journal to make in August ;) Wow! I gotta start thinking about the Christmas art shows.  I think I have to bow out of the Kid's Boutique Show at Peanuts (sad).  I do not see how I can entertain Madison from 10-5:30.  That is a long day for anyone.  Time to turn my sights to the first Saturday art shows at SB Whole Foods market.

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