Sunday, May 01, 2011

OMSA Certification in LA

So much information overload! Most of it is interesting at least. It is so much that it really wears me out. I am almost looking forward to test time.

Test time will feel like an eternity from now. Another 6 hours of lecture.
I am excited about my next journal I am putting together for myself. I am struggling with not finding the space in my current one to draw or add stuff. I love the way my current one looks but I find I open it to add entries and do very little aside from flip through looking for a good spot to work on and end up doing nothing.

My Mom gave me a gift wrapped in this awesome tissue paper! There is a new store in Ashland she found full of beautiful temptations. Annahadda? I don't know how to spell it.

I have been sneaking entries into an old journal I started years ago. It was a store bought, 8.5x11 boring one, but it is a book bound one. It is starting to warp already. I guess I should cut some pages out. I had painted some pages with color a while ago and I am trying to add more.

Okay back to cramming more medical info into my head.

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