Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Bit of Art Therapy

 November 12th was a Sketch Day and we sketched the blue windmill.
 There was only a couple of us this time, but it was real nice. It was even kind of warm after cold and rain had been predicted. I was not super thrilled with my sketches, but what artist ever is ;)   It was sure a nice change after all the stress from the art show.
 Went to the Zoo the next day and actually found time for more sketching. The weather there was also very nice and I love the light effects from the ever changing sky. I got a quick picture of some birds bathing in that light. It was the elephants that I was able to sketch. I just happened to have my Noodler Flex fountain pen with me which lends very nice to their wrinkly skin.
 I only wish I could turn this photo of the sketch.

 Madison did some artistic re-designing of my necklaces. She is such a helper.

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Bei Price said...

wonderful sketch! And lovely jewlery! I enjoyed looking through your progress too, great job, and for a great cause