Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making Jewelry!

Here they are! Imagine Gallery has ordered a couple of my sterling trailer pendants. These are pieces I make exclusively for them. So much work and a lot of my hardest techniques goes into these.

 These take a lot of clean up work. They are remenicent of silverstream trailers. Their wheels will be made of black shrinky dinks ;)  Today (not shown) I added some more details and they are very close to finished. Just need to finish their finish hehe.

 Very nice sketch day today at the Sunstone Winery. It was gorgeous. There were so many subjects to draw (and not enough time). The weather was perfect aside from bugs and allergies. Seems like a popular place. The manager was super nice too. I want to go back soon. Hands are sore from all my work today. Time for a nice shower to get rid of some allergies and off to bed. I will post the finished trailers real soon!

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