Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trailers Finished and a Chalk

So the trailers are done and have, hopefully, found their new owners. I only wish I had better photos of them finished. I drew one last picture of the Burger Bus in my pretty full and almost finished journal. I think this was my quickest sketch of it yet.

After a late trip to the zoo, we got to check out I Madonnari at the Mission in Santa Barbara. It has been a long time since I have made it there on the actual day. The last time I made it was a week after the day and there was tire tracks on the pieces.

It was fun that there were still some being worked on. I love to see all the different processes. I hope my daughter enjoyed seeing them work too. If I had had more time I think she would have liked to go to the kids area and play around.

It was a fun, yet long, day. The weather has been so nice aside from the wind and allergies. It has felt good to work on some jewelry and finish up the projects. Here is one more sketch from the Sunstone Winery from the 19th. I hope to clean up my work area at my place tomorrow, have a healthy lunch with my mom and get some headway on a new journal. Tall order for a limited amount of time. I took the day off in hopes to get some stuff done and get some much needed, recharging, me time. I have not had enough of that lately and I am withering a bit. Wish me luck on getting stuff done and I hope to post some too.

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