Sunday, October 21, 2012

Harvest Skech Day and stuff

Had another wonderful October sketch with the Vally Sketchers at Summerset Farms in Santa Ynez. I really enjoyed every doodle that day. Here are some highlights.

Loved the flowers! If I had an ounce of outdoor space/property, I would have bought them all up! Every year Summerset looks more and more beautiful. Always a delight. Here are most of the sketches I did. Wish I had more time for color.

I hope baby has fun when she goes there for her school field trip.

Here is a local gray fox from Zoo to You at the Wilding Museum. I really enjoyed it, but baby was a bit distracted. "roooooaaarrrrr!!"
 I did get to the studio today. It worked out pretty well. I got most of my pieces right where I wanted them. I am just nervous about having them done on time and that I spent all (what very little I had) my free time on these and had nothing left for any of my other projects. I am trying hard to work past this. I always think this, but maybe next year I will find the time to get all my ideas made.

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