Friday, November 27, 2015

It was a Nice November

 The show at the Art Hus was fun. It was a great motivator to get some stuff made. I am still finishing up a few things. All these items can be found at the Art Hus now. 
I want to make more of these tags when it is a bit warmer. I wonder if I have any paper clay left over. I would like to carve some new stamps for them too.
 I still really like these paper mache birds. I have not sold many of them, but they are still some of my favorites. Maybe it is because I love birds so much. These are how they look to me in my mind ;)
 Me and my daughter fit in a trip to the zoo to see the baby penguins before they get too big. It was a lot of fun. I really liked the outfit my daughter chose. Her shirt has a penguin on it.

 The koi fish in their pond are so big. We had fun feeding them. I want to do a painting of these beautiful fish someday. They are so calming to watch. I would want to capture that feeling. It would take a few tries I am sure.

 I tried a lot of baking this month and I am not done yet. I took a trip to the farmers market and got inspired by all the persimmons and tomatoes. I plan to make some persimmon bread and more cookies. I hope to roast the tomatoes and the squash I got and make soups out of them. I also got some beautiful, multicolored carrots to add in as well.
 I had hoped these photo albums would be ready for the shop by now, but I got stuck on how to finish them up with closures. I think I have it figured out, now I just need to find some time at my sewing machine.

 I really enjoyed putting these fabrics together. After I finished them up, I found more of my fabric I could have used...maybe next time, if these do well.

 This was the very special blue pumpkin I got at Summerset Farms and Dale's Nursery. It was very hard to break down (my boyfriend did all the work). The pie was terrible though. I am trying it again myself this time to see where it went wrong. The second batch smells great, I just need to buy more butter to make more crust.
 This was our table this year for the Thanksgiving feast.
 These were sitting on the counter and was so inspiring. I had no time for a sketch, so a photo will just have to do.
 The inside was so pretty. I sure hope my experiment on making the second batch works out well. I have so much pulp left over, I would hate to think it was no good and would have to be thrown out. My hope is that it is all good and I can make another pie for my sister when she comes next month.

 This bouquet from Ballard Canyon Farms is amazing!!! So beautiful! I have photographed it many times, but the images don't seem to do it the justice it deserves. Yet another thing in the house I want to sketch!

I hope you all had a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I have so much to be thankful is a very long list. I hope to have more creations to share soon! Happy Holidays!!


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