Sunday, November 01, 2015

Starting Some New Projects

 Art Show coming up at the Art Hus This November 7th (yes that is next Saturday!!) and I am frantically trying to finish up some new stuff. Here are some images of a few things I am working on. My ability to get things done lately is not what it used to be, so do not be surprised if I am a bit short on jewelry this year. I have plans to get some new necklaces made while I am on Thanksgiving break, but we will have to see how that pans out.  

 This is how I make my red enamel earrings. I hand cut out the hearts with sheers and clean them up with a file. I would have a metal stamp to make these more uniform, but I like the uniqueness of doing them all by hand. There are many steps, but these are one of the items I can make simply with no soldering or stamping patterns. I love the red that this enamel makes. It is my favorite. I really love the way this deep red looks with rustic silver.

 Can you see the love?

 Next I will make their special earwires. I like to make these from scratch instead of using my pre-made ones. They will have a tiny spiral to finish them off. I will post more photos when they are done.
 This year I am making some cloth bowls and vessels. I have always likes these. They beg to have things put in them. I will have many different sizes. I made one for my mom last year and she uses hers all the time. I hope everyone else likes them as well.

 Not quite done, these were my first 3. I am having fun with these. I just need to sew up my reversing hole and add an embellishment. Feeling the pressure.. I have some photo albums I am working on too.
One last thing before I tuck in my daughter for the night: I have been bummed not to be able to get much artwork done these last 5 months or so, but I am finding many creative outlets. I am sure there will be a time where I can make to my hearts content, but not for a bit. I am not giving up, just moving around. It's just life ya know? I hope to paint again and make lots of awesome jewelry. I have so many great ideas swimming around! See you soon!

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