Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another Weekend Approaches

Last weekend went well, but I do not feel rested. I swear if is not one thing... Anyway, back to a bit of kaos. Donn will be moving to Shasta in March sometime, I will stay behind. I am only thinking possitive things. This could be just what Donn and I need to get back on track. I am going to get a lot accomplished.
Enough of all that, back to the nearer future. Donn and I are going to Jalama beach this Sat. We are looking foreward to it. I cannot believe he has never been. I am sooo looking foreward to a Jalama Burger! More packing and cleaning this weekend. Donn might add some stuff to his car at my parent's house. I hope to work on his ring some more and get some ATCs done. We should be getting DSL set up tonight too. I am hoping for some good sleeping in time too. I hope Anna's job interview went well. They would be fools not to hire her!! It was very good to see her, I will prob. be able to visit her more after March, that will be nice.
Well Thur. is half gone and so is my lunch time.

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