Thursday, January 12, 2006

OK, Life change is on hold..waiting for further notice

Doing good. Daylight is lasting longer which puts me in a better mood. I have lots of plans for tomorrow, lets see how far I get before running out of steam. I have given myself a schedule to go by, we will see if that helps. Anna shuld be here this weekend. I am looking foreward to that. I am feeling inspired again (probably due to all the house work I need to do). My dryer has died so I will be making a few trips to Mom's house. Donn has re-arranged the front room. It is cozy, I am getting used to it. It will be nicer when all the boxes are gone. We are trying to box up or get rid of all the clutter in the house. Donn will move some of it up to his house and/or storrage to free up our lives a bit. It is hard to do with both of us in the house, so I have a lot to do tomorrow and the rest will have to get done on the weekend with him there. I am already starting to get worn out just thinking about it. I will let you know if anything got done.

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