Monday, January 30, 2006

Doing Good but Still Behind

I have been working out more and getting a bit of art done, nothing finished though. The new Cappuccino True Colors II journal still needs a lot of work and It is due Wed.. I will not have it done by then. Also Wed., I am in an ATC live swap and I only have 4 done :( I will try to do a couple tonight. I still have not gotten any of the jewelry done that I needed to get done by the end of Dec. (big sigh) I do not feel like I can get to my desk to accomplish anything. I had plans to get some stuff done tonight, but I just got back from the gym at 9pm and it is now 9:30. I did not get enough sleep last night and need to shower. I should just go to bed right now. I need just one or two more hours in a day to finish stuff. Tommorow is not looking good either. My sched. at work goes until 5:20 and then I will pick up Donn, drive him to his car, pick up side dishes for dinner, make dinner, and then do art? Oh boy. I am afraid I will be cleaning and helping Donn pack all next weekend. Geeez Where is the ME time? Well, now I exhausted myself... Shower and Bed it is! Late...

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