Thursday, August 03, 2006

Heat Wave Finally Over, For Now

The temperature is finally livable in my room again. There was a period where I did not even want to turn on my computer in fear of it overheating. I am almost done with the Copper and Green True Colors II journal. Maybe one more night on it. I have to do some scanning this weekend. Tomorrow is Santa Barbara's Fiesta! They let us out half day from work to enjoy the festivities. I am really looking foreword to it, but do not want to stay out too late. I want to do something fun this weekend, but I do not know what yet. I hope to workout a bit. I have been good, but I have some catching up to do from when I was in Shasta. I want to loose more around my belly and upper thigh. Who doesn't though:) Only 11 pages left in my journal I carry in my purse. I cannot decide on which one will be my next one. I am liking the doodling mixed in with the life sketches and the "diary"-like entries. This one might set a precedent for the rest. I would like to get in a few more pasted and acrylic-ed pages. I am always wanted more color too. I need to get these jewelry pieces done. I feel I have been working on them way too long (procrastinating yet again) That is something I should work on this weekend, even if it is just a little bit. Maybe that is something I could go to the beach to work on. And my tan ;) I better get to bed. Toodles!

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