Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Show Coming in June

EtsySB is having a kids boutique hosted at Peanuts Maternity and Kids. Here is a blurry photo of a necklace I made and wear all the time. I will be making custom personalized charms and necklace ensembles at the show so you can get a personalized piece as you wait! I am excited about making that happen. I hope others are too!

I will have blank disks ready for a name, date, initials or anything else my stamps can make you. You can pick your chain and accompanying charms for a perfect one of a kind piece! And I have some onsies and wipe cloths that are perfect for quick clean ups and are washable so green.

Got the candles lit and I am enjoying the dancing white dots on the wall behind them.

Thank you all at work for the very yummy and pretty cake!

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