Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Jammed Packed Weekend

 I got my 4 hours in the Jewelry studio! Yay me! So far I only have a couple noticeable mistakes ( I am sure I will find more in the finishing process). I think I am liking the new designs. I am not sure many people can see through their roughness, but these are sterling silver. This is what silver looks like when you torch it till it almost melts. Always happy to see I have not lost my touch.


 Here they are all chemically cleaned then I dipped them all in Black Max liver of sulphur to make them totally black. I will next adjust the bezel height to match the stone height then bring back the silver color and therefore give them a very rustic look. I now nee to choose the necklace designs. I need to decide what stone,if any will be on the chain and what clasp works best etc...All that fine tuning and final design decisions. Still SSSssssoooooo much to do!!

Baby had a great weekend, I think ;) We played in Solvang and went to Boo at the Zoo. She is such a pretty princess!

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Syd said...

I think she needs another tierra....