Monday, October 10, 2011


 I actually was able to work in the jewelry studio (AKA my parent's garage) for 4 solid hour on Sat. Wow!! Thank you Mom, Dad and Joe for making baby so happy while I toiled away. It felt very good to get so much done. I will need to do that one or more times before the show Nov 4th. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

 It had been a real long time since I had picked up the old torch, so I was very pleased when all the bezels seemed to come together so well and so fast.
 Got all my pieces stamped and flat. Now I need to sand down and trim the bezels, make all the balls of silver and balled up wire, and make some decisions on final designs.

This one will be for me! Gotta give me some new sparklies too. Its blue Laradorite. Love the color! I have so much to do at home and at work...I am so stressed!

 It did not help my stress any to have a big utility truck cut me off and take my side mirror with him. I was very shook up, but so glad that it was just the mirror. The rest of the car is spotless. I am now in a rental. I got a little SUV Santa Fe thing. I think I am upgrading it to a BMW tomorrow. I will get pics if that is the case.

The rain has cleared and the drive home has been gorgeous. Time to take some deep breaths and recheck my to do lists to make sure I do not leave myself short when it comes to finishing these pieces of jewelry. It would be super lame if I have done all this work only to be unfinished by the deadline....ugh!! Stress stress stress!

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Mary said...

Love the labadorite Oooohhhh perty