Monday, December 19, 2011

December Sketch Day at Classic Farms

What a wonderful place to visit! And a great place to sketch. It was a beautiful morning. Almost too warm in the sun at first and the dew was glistening in the sun. The clouds did roll in towards the end, bringing the cold with it.

The sketching was great, the company was great and the produce looked devinne! It was, yet again, the perfect start to the weekend.

I do like my sketches, but feel each one needs a little more. So glad so many of the group was able to come out. It was a tiny bit of a drive and a busy time of year, and yet 6 of us were out there with big smiles. I look forward to the next one January 21st. Now back to Christmas cards...have half made and still need to get them in envelopes and address them! They will be getting there the day of or maybe late :( I am too committed to quit though.

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