Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas is Over...

Now onto the New Year!

Feel like I've been battling colds left and right! I have been too tired after work and Mommy time to fit in any Me time and that always throws me off balance. I keep thinking I will be better the next day and I can get work done then, but that next day has not come yet. Sometime this weekend I am determined to do something artsy! Even if it is just small. I want to sit at my desk, clean up and organize a bit, find an old project or idea that was buried and just have at it! I had wanted to stay up tonight and prep a bit, but I feel pretty tired, yet again!, and it is not looking good. I go to bed early, but then I have a bunch of strange dreams and wake up a lot (so has my daughter... Bad combo). So everyone make a little wish to the get-well-quick fairy for me and maybe I will have something nice to post on Monday.

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