Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heart Troubles

 In this small pink notebook I was drawing design ideas for my next hand carved stamp.I did these drawing Tuesday night. On Wednesday at 5pm as I clocked out from work, I noticed an odd feeling in my chest which caused me to start coughing a little. I walked down to my car and turned it on. I felt winded and my heart beat seemed too strong. I put my hand to my chest and felt my heart beat racing out of control.
I tried to relax and take deep breaths to try to slow it down. Dr Gunson was still upstairs, so I decided I would turn off the car and ask his opinion. He checked my pulse and took me to the other side for an EKG. My heart rate was humming along at 198 and went right up to 211. Scary. It was very even and rhythmic beats although fast. There wasn't any irraticness to it.

 He made a call and we decided to go to the ER. He drove me and Nancy came with us (my Mom away from Mom). We arrived and I was emitted right away. My heart was still racing. They took me back to start an IV. After 1 hr with my heart racing out of control it came back down on its own, right before they were about to drug me all up.
No one can tell me why it happened, and I do not think it has happened since. I am still nervous, but appear to be fine. I cannot thank everyone enough for all their assistance, I mean....where do you start? I have seen a Dr since, but need to see a specialist. I am told everything (tests and sounds) were clear and healthy. I hope the 24 hour heart monitoring harness gives me more piece of mind.
Hey, but doesn't the new stamp look cool? I finally finished it today. If you are hearing this story for the first time, and thought maybe I should have told you face to face...sorry, I am not comfortable with it yet and hate to make people worry.

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