Sunday, February 09, 2014

Days Going by in a Blur

 February is here! Time to break out the red and pink. I am amazed I got these finished in time to sell at the Art Hus. I have a very practical list of things I have wanted to have done by now, but it is just not happening. I have been needing more sleep than I am used to which is cutting into my creative time ;).
It was my Mom's Birthday and I always like to make her something. She might be maxed out on jewelry, so I like to make her little assemblage keepsakes. This one was fun, but did not turn out like the picture in my head (they rarely do). My daughter made her something too. She made it into an instructional video. ADORABLE!!!! The heart frame turned out super great.

Here are my round robin entries for the month. I like the butterfly headdress, but I wished the fairy had come out better. Between me and my daughter, we have A LOT of Valentines to make. I have no real clue yet what I will go with. Tomorrow is the go date. After the LEGO Movie and a run that is. I hope I get them done with time to spare. I still have stamps to carve and pen pals to write!! Too much on my plate yet again. Wish me luck...and sanity!

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Syd said...

Great blog posts...See we really do get SOME art done....