Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trying to Get My Groove Back

So many Valentines to make in February. Always fun, but never goes as I planned. I really like making these for everyone can. One batch for my work mates, one batch for my pen pals, one batch for the family, and one batch for my daughter's class mates (she did most of the work on those). All together it was around 40 Valentine's. I hope everyone loved getting them as much as I loved making them. Kinda gets me back into the making things groove. I had hoped to make more gift cards, stamps and other random stuff though. 

These were made from old playing cards, tissue paper, gold pen and lots of matt varnish. My hands were pretty messy. Someone asked me if I used Pinterest to get this idea which is funny because I had a group of Valentine pins ready to go, but when it came down to it, it came down to what I had on my desk just laying around and I never got to the pinned ideas. 
 I ran 4 MILES!!!! That is a first for me. I did the "superbowl run" in Santa Barbara which is oddly a 4 mile run. Sure I was bringing up the rear group, but I did it without breaking my pace. I am actually considering a 10k now....maybe.
My mom took a trip to Oaxaca Mexico to teach this month, so I took the time off work to do my mommy duties and worked on a new batch of rings. Here are some photos of my process. There is a batch of these at the Art Hus now, but I still have the ones that will get stones unfinished. I am waiting to make a stone order and get the bezels set. I will post when those are ready to go.

Still love using my home made metal stamps and I still hope to make more some day. 

 Here are my Round Robin Journal entries for this month. Getting closer to getting my own journals back.

 Lichen from the trees at Catchuma Lake. Just look at all those tiny details!. My daughter and me took a trip to the lake this Saturday and ended up staying all day.
 We took a nature hike, checked out the nature center and did a scavenger hunt, she got her Junior Ranger badge and we did a boat tour of the wildlife on the lake. So many beautiful birds and some big groups of deer. It is supposed to rain for 4 days starting tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what happens to the lake. We need the water so bad.

Had our sketch day in the park. Just me and my dad, but it was a nice trip. I always wanted to sketch this statue of Hans and these tightly trimmed willows. I hope to keep up this pace and pick it up even. Next month is my daughter's 6th Birthday so I know I will have limited time. I have so many little details to finish up for her. 

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