Sunday, February 09, 2014

OOps Forgot to Add the Funk Zone

 The Funk Zone only seems fun to me when I am with my Sister and Mom. I am not big into wine tasting, but love beer and anything deemed "funky". It is fun to find cool stuff and be able to share. I really loved the wall of file cabinets and the other wall of questionable art.
 This place made me want to try some wine and/or buy a coffee mug that said "wine" in bold letters across it.
 This sign is for a diving supply place but it is above the outdoor hang out for this winery. I love the Johnny Quest feel of it.
The Lucky Penny was awesome. First time ever in California that I saw some decent Latte art. Gotta love a place that is plastered with copper pennies. My daughter was determined to peel one off. We all shared a warm chocolate cookie that was so amazing that we ran back in for more. I later went back and had one of their flatbread pizzas. Very good stuff! The heated patio was key.

My sister and me had just about finished binding our Space journals and so had to photo the astronaut montage we stumbled across. It reminds me that I have joined The Artstronaut Club by Teesha Moore. Loving it! I love being in the Facebook group too. Lots of fun and funky inspiration.

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