Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crazy Day :)

I hope these photos are not too fuzzy, I took them with my I Touch. I got a due date so I am off to the SB Natural History Museum and the zoo of course. An all day trip.

It was fun with baby and baby's daddy. Almost last day for seeing the butterflies. They are so pretty.

I have been too tired or stressed to work on what I need to do these last 3 or so evenings. Friday I picked up my daughter at Henry's Beach. It was the perfect evening at the beach. We ran up and down the beach until like 6 at night after she had been there all day.... Wow.

Being at the zoo till closing, you see a different behavior in the animals. The penguins were very active. The new otters and family was all over. So cute.

Now for the arduous task of getting back on task. I need to pull myself up and get myself in order a bit and get to my gosh darn desk. I mean...come on self!! Hehe. I do have work to do and there is supposed to be electricity in the air (thunderstorm s) Wish me sanity!!

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Syd said...

Ok Crazy Lady today is the day! I love those otters!!