Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Fine September Day

What a fine morning for a sketch with the Valley Sketchers! This was my 3rd time trying to sketch this particular windmill, and it is hard! I have yet to be happy with it. Oh well, it was the best one yet. It makes me want to do the blue one next. Our group was a little smaller this time, but we had 2 new guys show up. They had some real nice work. I sure hope to see them at our next sketch meet up in October on the 15th.
I think I like it without the color better
This one of the Solvang Bakery turned out really nice, I am the most surprised about that. It looked bad up to the very last then just found itself (magic? hehe) I really like how the lettering across the front came out. I am so inspired to sketch, yet again! I want to run out there and get a few more sketches in.
 This Gellato was great! yumm! and so dang pretty too. I feel like I have been running all day! Crazy! here are the beginnings of the paper mache birds. These will be in the works for a while. I hope to get that mural/screen done in the background soon too. I just need to fill in the oak trees, work on the cows a bit, finish the back and seal it. I need it done by the 18th of October. I got a piece to make due that same day for the Art Clinic's Dia De Los Muertos show. Off to the Jewelry studio tomorrow for some intense work. I really need to start these pendants and such off big tomorrow. BIG!! I hope to be posting some big progress on that soon.

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