Friday, September 23, 2011

A Thursday "off"

A relaxing stop at the Corner House Coffee to prep for my day after dropping off my sweet and happy daughter at her day care/school.

Had another delicious breakfast bagel sandwich. I got a few lists made and some jewelry quantities figured out. The Internet was out there so I did not start any posting. Then I was off to the hardware store, home to take out all the recycling and the trash, and then finally to the studio.

On the way, I found a bit of inspiration on the side of the road. I think I found my next screen/ small mural that I will start up next year. I even picked up some paint. I hope to finish the current one by the middle of October so I can get it moved out of the studio. While at the studio I started 4 paper mâché standing birds. I was pretty out of it from noon on, so I neglected to take any photos. I will be sketching tomorrow in my sketch group the Valley Sketchers all morning, but hope to make a quick stop at the studio for a bit to work on those or my tiny notebooks. Sunday is the big day though: I will be making a big start up push for all my jewelry projects so stay tuned!!

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