Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mom's Birthday Art Day

Dropped off Baby and headed for Corner Coffee for my pep talk to self hehe.

Journaled and made lists.

Made it to the studio yay!

Got all my stuff out and realized I did not have any wall paper paste to do any paper mâché. I did have more hearts ready for gesso than I thought.

First of the 2 small journals is now finished and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Took a Birthday Lunch break with awesome cake (so pretty!) from the Solvang Bakery.

I finished the other small journal too.

And I am now laying the gesso on the hearts but they will not be dry enough to add color until maybe this weekend. Progress is progress though.

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susanbuchanan2 said...

cool and i was there!

susanbuchanan2 said...

cool and i was there!

Syd said...

So glad you could be with me today. I love you!