Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mural Screen Work

Here is where I started:

Got out the oodles of paints I might need. Only used 1/3rd but emptied out almost 3 whole tubes lol.

Here is how the pallet started:

1/2 way through:

Done for the night:

Here is the screen mural:

Here it is right before I closed up the studio and walked home.

Here are my new brushes I bought in little Italy at a Dick Blick store:

Oh yeah! I love these new brushes for the big stuff!! They are soft and smooth. They hold the perfect amount of paint without creating a inaccessible pocket of paint forming in the middle. Awesome! It felt very good to finally get to the studio and do what I have been trying to do for weeks. I am always wondering what medium is the most accessible when you are a mom. I want to think it is whichever one you can do at home after baby is in bed, but I wind up being so tired at that point. Zoo trip tomorrow will be cute and fun and probably the end of me..... So tired.

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