Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend is Here

Birthday is still coming. Not sure if this expiration date is symbolic if anything lol!

Trying on a crown hehe. Baby thinks I should have one.

That's my new haircut, just got it today.

If only you could smell these fabulous sweet peas! Mmmm

Trying to use my new space and get this journal filled so I can move on to a new one with more room to draw.

Awesome candelabra things my talented sister made. Love them and their mandibles!!
This is an odd blog post. I am too tired to be as creative as I want to be tonight. So many ideas and projects I want to do/start/finish/write down, but barely enough energy to hold this I-Touch in my hand. Maybe I will be more on task next week. So much to sort through still. That is probably what makes it hard to work. I do not create as well with things like that hanging over me. It should be a fun weekend, lots of cute errands that baby should really enjoy. And here's hoping there is some art mixed in somewhere.

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