Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Best Strawberries in Town

It tastes like it looks! Super, super sweet.

My Birthday is commin' (that is what my baby has been saying lately) and I hope to be finding some art time. Personal art time that is. With all this sorting and cleaning, I have found many art projects with my daughter as the theme, unfinished. I really want to sort through it all and get them so organized that all I have to do is open them up and work. No hope in finishing them in a day, but with my new work space at home, it would be a relaxing project after a long day of working and mothering. Hehe. I need to finish the last paper mâché heart fir Mary and see where I am with journal pages. I got a quilt to start piecing too. Heh heh. I am eager to start a few jewelry designs. I found some great stones that I had forgotten about. And, lastly (though not leastly hehe) I need to work on organizing my desk still. Wish me luck! That is a lot of projects all up the air.

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