Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fastest ROD Style Journal Ever

I had a little Art Clinic time today and set out some goals. The Paperclay had not come in yet for the tags so I was able to fit in some social time too. One goal was to start/make me a new journal. I made it in the Remains of the Day style again, but put in a bunch more blank pages to write and doodle on. I had the stack of paper picked out, but just needed to cut them to size. I made a small one again so I can fit it in my purse. I ended up with 4 signatures put together with a bit of sewing machine work and found that I still had time to make the cover!! So, in 2.5 hours I was able to make a one step shy of complete ROD-ish journal! WOW! I am guessing it is due to the lack of pockets and such that made it go so quick. These pictures were taken on my I Touch, so they are blurry.

I will have to post better ones soon. And I did get out my daughter's Disney Book to figure out what it needs. Awesome!

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