Wednesday, June 22, 2011


First Valley Skethers meet-up coming up this Sat! June 25th I find out how many eager sketchers in the area got the word. I guess I am a bit nervous, but this is my dream and I sure hope others feel as excited to do some art.

Had some time off I spent with my daughter and family and cleaning house and doing an art class demo. So tired! My baby took this picture of me. She takes good pictures for a 3 year old. I think I only look good because I am smiling at her :). I sure miss her today....anyway...
Had a great father's day and I hope others did too! I tested out my new noodler fountain pen some more on Tue. I ran it out of ink.
The SUPER EXCITING news is that the SB News Press called me and wants to do an article on the Valley Sketchers!!!! WOW!!!!! I sure hope people show up :)
Okay back to peddling this stationary bike into the ground.

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