Monday, August 29, 2011

And So Begins the Art

 Yay! Starting work on some pieces for the Queen of Arts shows and Knitfit said they might want some too. I am close to finishing a batch of 25 and will need 2 more batches. I am hoping to finish these by next week and start up a batch this weekend. I might try to enter them in a
 Larks Books thing. I am pretty happy with them right now. The Gem Fare is this weekend too. I want to get some supplies but I really need to be stingy. I am tired of buying stuff I do not use. I am so limited with time to dedicate to silversmithing, so I need to make everything count. I need to make a silver order too. This is already sounding expensive. Ugh. I am entering a piece into the Rock Paper Scizers show at Art From Scrap in September.

 I got out to the beach this Sunday and got a few quick sketches in. I am realy enjoying the Valley Sketchers group. We had our 3rd meet up in LO and it was another good turn out and lots of fun. It has kept me pushing for sketch time. It has helped carrying my new sketchbook I made. All blank pages instead of rich pages of images and reclaimed art ( I have already talked about that hehe) There was some fog way out that made the SB islands look like they were floating. So much I want to get done this week. I cannot imagine I will get to all of it, but I'll keep you posted

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