Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trying to Keep My Mind on Task

It had been a while since I had lunch at Garrett's. It's good food and only a block away. I was not feeling well enough to go to the gym today.

I am glad I squeezed a sketch in while I waited for the burger and fries to cool. I might add color later.

I cannot believe how much I ate. I must be hungrier than I thought.

Quick note at work: we like to label stuff here to make things easier, here is my contribution lol.
I am getting my head pretty worked up with ideas of what I want to get done for the Queen of Arts shows (I will probably be mentioning that show a lot in the blog posts to come) I have been making lists in my head and some on paper. I have a few new jewelry designs I hope to make. I really need to look at my stock of stones before we go to Gem Faire. I hope I will find the time to do that. I hate to over purchase! I will have to post all the goodies when I get them sorted. Back to work!

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