Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yummy Beads in the Mail

 Aren't these great! They are Czech glass beads. I love the vibrant color! I only wish they were a little larger. is the Etsy shop I found them at. Her photos are so pretty! Now I have to design jewelry to go with these beads. I promised myself I would use them all.
 I remember this model well. He always had these crazy stoic poses. I swear he flexed the whole time too. This was from my Life Painting class I took at College of the Redwoods. I really loved the class. I am hoping to grab some of the paintings I did (most of them on cardboard) and explore the thought of selling them. I thought I might see if Quack and Bush was interested in Los Alamos. If he wanted them I would then get them properly framed. This guy here is a pretty good representation of the type of paintings I am thinking of (this is my least favorite of the batch). I might put them on my Etsy shop too. Funny thing, this guy showed up at my advanced Life Drawing class I took at Humboldt State too.
 This painting is rare for me. The canvas I painted it on is unstretched, she is life sized, and the colors of her skin are pretty realistic. The painted got a bit smooshed, but its starting to flatten out.
The SB Fiesta work lunch was at Cafe Stella's this year which is rite accross from the kids fair, so after food and drinks me and two others crossed the street to take a peek. I had planned on sketching a little, but not an easy task when enjoying the company of others. The detail was a bit too much anyway, and it was very hot. So hot, that we went back for more drinks after our stroll. This is a photo of what I had hoped to sketch. Sketching the dancers would have been a bunch of fun too. This Saturday I head to Los Olivos Quick Draw for my monthly Valley Sketchers meet up to draw. I need to get the next flyer ready, but I am kind of excited to see what sketches I get.


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