Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a Great Day to be Out and About

 What a nice day in Los Olivos. Started the day heading out with Joe and my daughter to Corner House Coffee to grab some coffee and breakfast (had that awesome egg, cheese and bagel sandwich again) and meet up with the Valley Sketchers group for some fun sketching. It was also Quick Draw where local artists do their craft for an hour and then they auction them off. It was so fun to watch them paint, draw, sculpt...etc. I love this pallet that was LOADED with medium, wow.

Here are some of the sketches I came out with. I feel like I was really warmed up just as it was time to go. I wish I had spent just a bit more time at quick draw sketching the artists. They were all so focused, perfect subject matter. I am currently painting my paperclay tags white and hoping they will dry fast enough to add a quick layer of black wash before calling it a night. I will post some photos later.
I love the way all the quick Draw artist's medium was layed out. I took a bunch of photos I will put on my Flickr account, so go check them out if you like that stuff. I do. Have a great weekend!

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