Friday, February 10, 2012

A Few Finished Projects

"Love Bird" all finished and ready for the Art Clinic's "Love is Not Math" jurried show that opens tomorrow at the Art Clinic then moving to Valley Books.  I also finished another heart stamp. I love how the veins and arteries came out.

 Had a lot of fun with this quick sketch of one of my favorite "places" to eat lunch: the Burger Bus" in Santa Barbara. This time they had changed their location schedule and I had to hunt it down. That was kinda fun, though it took a bit more of my lunch than I wanted. I've got 4 more paper mache birds to paint and hope to make another batch of paper clay tags/ornaments soon. I do need to fit in sleep somewhere so fitting it all in will take longer than you'd think ;)

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Syd said...

Love that love bird!!! and the burger bus!