Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trying to Gain Momentum

Birds are getting started. I need to grab some stronger colors from my paint bucket to get these to the next stage. Orchids are all almost gone. I think these yellow birds will be chaneling lesser goldfinches or warblers. The blue one might become a bluebird. I have one big one with no color yet that is saying "mockingbird".
That would be a tribute to a friend that is no longer with us. I have always loved them, but now whenever I hear one, I think of her.
 Last Thursday was ditch day at our work. We were wined and dinned! It was such a nice day and we were in the perfect spot to enjoy it. I did around 5 little sketches while we were out.

 The food was so amazing!! I think I can say that I am finally not full anymore. We saw the movie "Pina" after lunch. What an amazing thing to experience. It brought out a lot of emotions in me. I feel Pina's pain as an artist and I felt special to see her through her dancer's eyes.
 View from the wall by the ocean: butterfly beach.
 The Biltmore as seen from across the street. I finished it later with gesso and Copic markers.

 Yes, I visited the Burger Bus again :) So hard to resist when it sets up a couple blocks from work. Good thing that it only parks there once a month.

I leave you with the painted unicorn my soon-to-be-4 year old daughter painted at Knit Fit today. I was so impressed with her work! WOW!

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Brian Lapsley said...

Jill, regarding your little girls is amazing. You know children have no boundaries or refinements on their art. They are truly free. Something I think every adult artist should envy.

P.S. Love the birds!!!!!