Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day Back in Studio to Make Jewelry for QOA

Okay! I made it there and knocked out my list! Yay! I am out of shape though: my fingers are soar. These were my Gem Fest finds this year. I did find a Blue Labradorite cab to work with, but it was a tough find. The guy I got my last one from did not have any. I had a lot of half done pieces from last year to work with too. I ran out of silver sheet last year.
 These stone will all become necklaces. I am making some big pieces again, but also will make about 6 to 8 simpler styles for a better price point.

Here is one of the last pendants I cut out. My blade was working great until I bust it cutting the copper heart forms for my red enamel pieces. I got a lot started in the short time I had, but I also created a lot of homework. I need to make bezels for most of these pieces, cut out all the earring components, clean up the edges, and cut a few more things before my next scheduled date with the studio. I am hopeful and a bit excited with all the stuff I hope to get done in the next 7 weeks. Stay tuned!

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