Saturday, September 01, 2012

More from Seattle

More photos from Seattle. I am still savouring my trip, and once I load my phone and I Touch photos, I am sure I have a few more Seattle posts in me. We got a little tipsy and graphitied a bit ;) Being bad is fun! Always something to see: here are some blue trees.

Quick sketch of my Mellow Yellow drink at Zig Zag. The ginkgo stamps were from a run to the Asian Market there....I got sooooo many pens!!

My sister found the best view of the Space Needle and we both sketched a bit from the sculpture garden there. It was a lot of walking that day :) We then headed down the street for some yummy beer and pizza which went right to our heads in a very cozy way.
This was my second sketch of the Space Needle, not sure if I like it. I used a new mechanical pencil I got that had blue lead. The one below was my warm-up and I like it better. I did that with my new brush pen. OOoooOo I love that new brush pen.

More great coffee at the Jewel Box Cafe. The conveyor sushi place is right there and a cinema and a cozy fire pit. I could hang there all day and it is only like a mile from my sister's house.

Last peek at Seattle from plane as I fly away. *sniff* "Another free Red Hook please"
I finally found a new tea cup to replace my last one that broke. I saw this set at Alchemy Cafe in Santa Barbara at a work lunch, and so loved it. I was walking through town the other day and saw the set in the window of a shop that is like 4 blocks from my lace! Loving it! Okay...time to journal a little then off to bed. I hope to update Flickr real soon and Gem Show tomorrow! Hope I find all that I need (and nothing else ;)  )

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