Monday, September 10, 2012

One last Call for Seattle Trip

 Okay, this should be the last of it. These are the photos from my I Touch and cell phone, so quality will vary. Here is my sister at Thorton Place by her house. I am sure I said it before, but this place is cool. The sushi place with conveyor belts is there too. Can you see us in the reflection?
 These coffees were at Jewel Box Cafe which is at Thorton Place too. So good and great atmosphere.

Here is more from Zig Zags (which makes you walk in zig zags). Their hummus and brochette. Also a great atmosphere. Super good food, I will find myself craving this place a lot I am sure. And below is my zen coffee art from down the street at Cloud City. I got to drink out of the coveted Babo Cup!

 As for AFK Tavern, we were a bit too awesome for the place....hehe just kidding. We had a lot of fun getting ready to go, but it did not live up to my expectations. Definitely a kind of place you would reserve a table and bring a posse to, not a place to go solo and meet new pals.
 Super fun menu though! Still would go back and try a burger. It was in the middle of nowhere and a bit more of a drive than you'd want.
 Good Bagels and super fancy coffee also just a short walk from my sister's house.
 Asian Market booty!!!!! I could have got more!! I am loving all the pens and stuff I got there. The folding micro scissors are so handy. I am sure the sushi place here thought we were crazy. Oh, and the green tea was the best! I cannot remember the name of the restaurant (I went there last time too). Sushi was super super good, and the green tea is that cloudy version that is just the best way to have green tea. That is another thing I will find myself craving off and on.

Last Coffee stop before I left at the Cafe Jarasti (spelling?) with sister and Becky the elephant. Good crepes. Sigh... I sure hope my sister visits us soon. I hope to find time to run back up there too. Next time, my daughter wants to come with me. Missing my sister still.

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