Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Jewelry

I love the red of this glass enamel. It is the only enamel I have. I cannot wait to get the hand made earrwires on these. These will be earrings for the Queen of Arts and maybe they will make it to the Art Hus in Solvang. I still have a lot more work on these square wire rings. I have not made them for a while, but I am almost completely out. Still need texture, bezel, clean up and the stone.
Earrings are ready to put together. there might be like 20 pairs here. These I can finish at home in my "spare" time. The 2 coral necklaces are closer, not sure they are looking like I hoped. Any feed back will be appreciated.

These are my favorites. I need to peirce the backs and solder all the components. Then I need to decide what stones to match with them and weather to hand make the chain or not.
These will be on chain and I am hoping they will be a good pricepoint. The house has been on the backburned too long and I hope this is the year it gets finished. I have only made 1 other like it. There is a bird cage necklace it has been sitting with. The bird cage will have to be later.

Whie I was out working on the silver, my daughter was making shrinky-dinks with grandma. I love them!! Next jewelry work day will be October 4th. I have quite the to do list forming for that day. I hope to knock out a few things here and there before that.....homework!

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